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Clean Up Our Creeks

Charles Threadgill and the folks over at Clean Up Our Creeks were in dire need of a proper presence online. That’s were BS Media stepped in, designed a beautiful, reduced their paper consumption, and implemented automation systems to streamline fundraising efforts.

Green Marshall

Green Marshall is a local lawn service that is a cut above the rest. Integrity is the backbone of their business and excellence is in everything they do. They approached with creating something online that was in par with their values. We did just that and also helped them out with a little education on the latest social marketing techniques, setup & installed some analytics, and finally implemented a few automated systems to help with client acquisition.


Edgepoint Social

Edgepoint Social presented us with a unique situation that ultimately required migrating servers. Our team of professional developers were able to migrate all of their data onto a new server and re-created their original site design on a new platform. The project was smooth from start to finish and Edgepoint Social was able to relax through the whole process.

The Tunnel Rat

The Tunnel Rat is THE local expert on mole & gopher removal. This crew is some of the hardest workers we’ve ever seen. That hard work is coupled with an immense sense of humor and loads of fun. We were task with developing a site that exemplified these traits. We think we nailed it!


ONX Inc has been leading the local network solutions industry for over 20 years. They have an incredible team of expert engineers, systems architects, and network support techs that keep businesses running. With a reputation like that, their online presence needed to reflect and it just wasn’t. They reached out to us to help marry their expertise and customer service with a smart/beautiful design. Mission accomplished.

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