Hey there! My name is Brandon Still and I live and work in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I know, it may be surprising to some that its possible to provide creative solutions for digital marketing from America’s heartland. I assure you it is and there’s some fine work that comes from these fields (you’d be amazed at how clear things can be in a wheat field).

Being creative has allowed me to pursue my dreams and provided fantastic opportunities to work with some of the most amazing people! Technology can seem intimidating to some and can create barriers for others. That’s where I come in. I love to help folks realize the potential of technology and strengthen the fact that technology is there to work for us (not the other way around). It’s a tool and when couple with creativity, is a recipe for success in your business and personal life.

When I’m not helping others grow their online business I can usually be found spending time with my awesome family. I’m a father of 4, and one lucky husband who happened to marry his best friend. Between football games, school dances, and all the craziness only a large family can provide there isn’t much time for anything else. When the opportunities do arise for some free time I love to make music (my guitar was my first child), play basketball and tremendously enjoy fishing Oklahoma waters for the next monster catfish.